Henley Self Retaining Retractor 3x4 teeth sharp/blunt with blade 16.5cm

Henley Self Retaining Retractor 3×4 teeth sharp/blunt with blade 16.5cm

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Henley Retrector

Henley Self Retaining Retractor is a specialized surgical instrument commonly used in a variety of surgical procedures for retracting tissues. Its special prongs and central blades work to clear the surgical field for clean access during orthopedic, general as well as gynecological procedures.

  • Dual Sharp/Blunt Prongs For Appropriate Retraction
  • Curved Shanks For Easy Placement
  • Finger Ring Handles For Comfortable Handling
Name Henley Retrector 3×4 teeth sharp with blade 16.5cm
Code 56-0763
Category Retractors
Option Sharp  Or  Blunt
Material Stainless Steel
Reusable Yes


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