Kocher retractor

Kocher retractor

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Kocher Retractor

The Kocher Retractor is a surgical instrument that allows surgeons to widen incisions. Moreover, the blade has a L-shaped profile for reaching the narrow cavities underneath the skin.

In addition, surgeons can use this retractor for pulling back tissues without causing local injury. To this end, the blade has an atraumatic terminal curve.

Also, the retractor features a hollow teardrop handle. This handle has a central ring for single finger retraction. After the ring, there is a hollow teardrop shaped space for multiple fingers retraction.

To conclude, all our Kocher Retractors have a long slender shaft that improves surgical view. Crafted from premium grade stainless steel.

  • Dynamic L-Shaped Blade For Atraumatic Retraction
  • Available In Multiple Blade Sizes For Treating Different Tissues
  • Ergonomic Hollow Teardrop Handle For Maximum Control
Name Kocher’s retractor
Code 53-0706
Category Retractors
Figure 38 x 12mm    and   50 x 12mm
Material Stainless Steel
Reusable Yes


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