Volkmann retractor Blunt pointed,

Volkmann retractor Blunt pointed,

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Volkmann retractor Blunt

The Volkmann Retractor consists of a hollow handle and a hook-type working end. Moreover, the hook has a deep curve for reaching narrow spaces.

In addition, the retractor features one to six prongs. This allows surgeons to retract single tendons or large slices of skin.

In contrast, the retractor has an ergonomic handle. It features a central ring and a hollow distal portion. This unique pattern ensures a firm gripping and avoids slippage.

To conclude, our Volkmann Retractors are available in blunt, semi-sharp and sharp prongs profiles. The surgeon picks the tool depending on the type of tissue being treated.

  • One To Six Prongs For Grasping Small Or Large Slices Of Tissue
  • Blunt, Semi-Sharp & Sharp Prongs For Avoiding Injury To Nearby Structures
  • Ergonomic Hollow Ringed Handle For Superior Surgical Control
Name Volkmann’s retractor Blunt pointed,
Code 53-0701
Category Retractors
Figure (1 Prong) (2 Prong) (3 Prong) (4 Prong) (6 Prong)
Material Stainless Steel
Reusable Yes


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