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Animal Feeding Needles 

BENZ offers an extensive line of Animal Feeding Needles (AFN) re-usable. BENZís re-usable AFNís include three basic styles: Straight, Bent and Curved. Needle sizes are available for newborn mice and rats to larger laboratory animals. In addition to stocked AFNs, BENZ also offers Design Your Own Animal Feeding Needle Service whereby laboratory researchers can customize each needle to their application



Animal feeding and dosing needle 
SS ball tip, luer lock hub 

G 10 To G 22, Length 15mm to 75mm 

Streight, and curved 

vet use.



Cannula and balls made of AISI 304 Stainless steel.

Hub made from Nickle plated Brass. 

Best suitable for  feeding of small lab animals, mice and reptiles. 

Luer lock. 

Leak proof and strong joint between hub- cannula and steel ball-cannula. 

Available, Straight Curved and Bent 

Packing : Single pc. Poly bag packing.