Somer’s uterine elevating forceps 9½” (24cm)

Sku: 85-0990

Somer uterine elevating forceps

It is a specialized gynecological instrument commonly used to grasp and elevate vaginal wall for
removal of pathological tissue from the uterus. It is frequently used in various gynecological procedures.

Our Forcep comes with broad tips for grasping tissues securely.

Grasps and elevates vaginal wall to remove fibrous tissue, polyps and other soft tissues.

Especially includes broad tips with fine serrations that work as an anti-slip mechanism. Moreover, the smooth curves of the instrument prevent inadvertent soft tissue damage. In addition, the tips have fenestrations to limit tissue contact and damage.

The grasping forceps comes with blunt tips that prevent piercing injuries to tissues. Moreover, the angled jaws of the instrument enables easy access into the uterus. 

Streamlined design and light weight that ensures comfortable handling. In addition, the ergonomic ring handles allow superior control by surgeon.

The  Forceps comes with a ratchet lock which decreases user fatigue during long surgeries.

Made in premium grade stainless steel with satin finish to prevent glare. The instrument can be sterilized and reused.

  • Broad Tips For Secure Grip
  • Fenestrated Tips Prevent Soft Tissue Damage
  • Ring Handles For Superior Control
Name Somer’s uterine elevating forceps 9½”(24cm)
Code 85-0990
Category Gynecological  Instruments
Type Forcep
Size 24cm
Material Stainless Steel
Reusable Yes


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