FRAGO IMPEX is Malaysia’s leading high-quality Surgical, Dental Instruments, and medical equipment manufacturer and supplier. It focuses on producing top-quality reusable Surgical, Dental Instruments, and medical equipment and supplying them worldwide at reasonable prices. High-quality surgical and dental Instruments and medical equipment are the best choices for safe treatment and success/


FRAGO INSTRUMENTS is a manufacturing and supplier company established in 2000 with head office in Malaysia. It has a deep understanding and experience in the field of all types of Surgical, Dental instruments, and medical equipment manufacturing. It has amassed substantial goodwill and a reputation globally as a leading Surgical, Dental, and Medical Equipment supplier in Malaysia. Our Instruments Portfolio contains more than 3000+ diverse range instruments that are used by oral health care professionals in their different roles and specialties and certain types of instruments are unique to various therapeutic procedures like surgical, dental instruments, and medical equipment. We have been supplying our high-quality instruments in Malaysia. We are always looking for new distributors, interested distributing and import companies can touch with us/


FARGO IMPEX has years of experience and technical expertise in manufacturing surgical, and dental instruments unit as per guidelines of ISO 13485: (2016) Quality Management System for Medical Devices, Conformity to Malaysia …………… Medical Device, GMP & FDA Good Manufacturing Practice by Malaysia Certification.

Medical Surgeons is a profession that demands precision and accuracy. Medical surgeons need to have steady hands, and more importantly, you need to have Medical Instruments that provide you with the aforementioned precision and accuracy you expect. In a Medical Surgeon, an error of a few millimeters can mean the difference between a successful procedure and a patient requiring extensive and costly corrective measures.

FRAGO IMPEX manufactures high-quality Medical Instruments that provide premier performance and durability. They are environmentally and very effective regarding the safety of patients in any clinical condition without any compromise. As a leading supplier of Medical Instruments, we are committed to Surgical Instruments Manufactured with the highest quality that Medical Surgeons can rely on.



We always welcome, OEM and ODM (Private Labelling Manufacturing). We offer full instrument customization that best suitable your brand or specific requirements, whether it is design, pattern, model, packaging, or price. Our R&D department will help you meet your requirements to make an ideal surgical instrument competitive price for your brand If our existing model doesn’t meet your brand requirements.

If you are looking for high-quality surgical, and dental instruments that will provide years of reliable performance, look no further than FRAGO IMPEX. High-quality surgical, and dental instruments are essential for surgeons to provide the best possible care for their patients, poorly manufactured or outdated instruments can cause discomfort for Surgeons and safety risks for patients that may even damage delicate oral tissues.



Our features are what make us stand alone among the superior surgeon’s dental suppliers and manufacturers. There are various positive traits of the company that have earned a remarkable turnover. Some of the offered features are:


  • A state-of-the-art manufacturing unit with well-equipped modern CNC machines.
  • A strict quality control system ensures zero defects in Surgical and dental Instruments.
  • Professional R&D dept. for customization of surgical, and dental instruments,
  • Huge and strong worldwide distribution network.
  • Affordable surgical, and dental instruments and timely delivery.
  • Modern packaging for an attractive look that supports marketing. Selling &branding, furthermore it provides protection to prevent damage happening during transportation.

If you are looking High high-quality surgical, Dental Instruments. Please consider us to serve you. Thank you for your valuable time reading about FRAGO IMPEX.

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