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Shadow less Operating Lamp With 5 reflectors Ceiling Suspension

FL 05meets the requirements of lighting

for medium and small-scale surgical

operations. It can be easily operated.

The ceiling structure saves space for

surgical operation.

Luminance of main lamp 60,000 LX (at 1 m distance)
Color Temperature 4000K±500K
Power Supply 220V/50HZ
Rated Voltage of Bulb V AC24
Rated Power of Bulb 125 W
Input Power VA 150
Height for Installation 280-320cm



















Model:FL 07

This Light series is used the highly effective infrared filter to optimize the cool light for providing the surgeon and patient a comfortable environment. There are multi-light source and reflectors in the lamp head which focus on the working area easier and eliminate the shadow from the surgeon’s' head, shoulder, arm effectively. Multi-stage brightness control and the suitable temperature color can fully satisfy any requirements for different uses, and help surgeons make precise diagnosis. The luminous intensity is adjusted electronically with a membrane keyboard.


Cool Light/Ordinary Light
Illumination(lx): 70000/42000
Color Temperature(K): 4000+-500
Diameter of facula(mm): 100-200
Height Adjustment(mm): <=440
Diameter of Lamp cap(mm): 700
Source(V/Hz): 220/50
Input Power(VA): 270
Number of Aperture:7 Ref






Model: FL 04M
Portable Surgical Light


Luminescence shadow less lamp adopts light sources different positions for focus to eliminate shadows of different parts of medical workers. Vertical mobile setup with braking device is not limited by the space of surgical room’s safe reliable in use


50, 000LX (at 1m distance)

Color temperature:

4000K± 500K

Mains voltage:

AC220V± 10% 50Hz

Bulb voltage:

AC24V Bulb power

Input power:







Halogen Examination Lamp (Mobile) Model: EL 786-1

Product Description

These Examination Lamps are intended for the use in minor surgery room. Outpatient examination and doctor's office. Minor lamp head with diameter of 75mm enables close use without blocking out the vision of users. The 700mm-long flexible arm can freely position in order to fully satisfy any requirements for diverse illuminated angles. The holder is easy to move for a flexible occupancy. The glass color filter creates white and soft light as natural light. This product is fit for body-examination or minor operation of Ophthalmology and otorhinolaryngology department, gynecology and obstetrics department and outpatient department. It is able to work as subordinate illumination in operation room, as well as office light. 


Bulb:                                  :Helogen
Power Voltage                     : 220V 50Hz
Rated voltage bulb                :12V
Rated Power of bulb             :35W
Power consumption              :35W
Illuminant                            :4000 lux
Color temperature                :3,500~300%



LED Surgical Examination Light

Model: EL 786-2

New energy-saving era
21st century is the century of technology. Energy Saving and Environmental Protection is the essential theme in this era. LED technology give the possibility to reach and produce a perfect illumination under every condition. Our FIT-LED (FL) series is generated duly and applied widely to the small operation, examination, beauty etc.
Cold light
FIT-LED series produce a light beam without infrared rays and therefore without heat, this cold light will keep the same temperature.
Nature light
The human eye is predisposed to the natural light, and when the color temperature up to 5000K, the light is similar to the natural light and most suitable for any kind of operation.
Long life
LED are
semiconductors. For this reason, the average life time is 100 times more than that of the normal bulbs, it is up to 50,000 hours.
While the standard bulb starts loosing efficiency from its stage of use, high-powered LED have a very linear yield and a negligible performance decay for their life duration

Technical Data:

Illumination Intensity(lx): 8000 -12000 
Color Temperature(K): 3000-6700 
Diameter of facula(mm): 80-250 
Height Adjustment(mm): 700 



Diameter of Lamp cap(mm): 75 
Power Source(V/Hz): 220/50 
Input Power(VA): 5 
Specification of Bulb: LED(High power)





LED Spot-Exam Lamp with Focus Control-Mobile

Model: EL 786-3

Product Description

LED examination lamp bring high performance with its unprecedented high-class brightness, efficacy, life time and quality. Improve the healthcare quality by this compact light 

Perfect for specialties that require very focused light in specific areas like OB/GYN etc., and a longer flexible arm and compact lamp head with uniform spot ensure the wider reach, pinpoint accuracy and enhance visualization of the exam area. 

Technical Features: 
Illumination Intensity: 12, 000lux (D30cm) 
Light field diameter: D30cm=10CM, D50cm=16cm 
Colour temperature: 6000-6500K 
Colour rendering index(Ra): 75 
Temperature rising: 0° 
LED average life: Above 50000 hours 
Power input: 110-240V 50/60Hz 
Kind of extension: 100cm gooseneck 
Control function: Brightness control by dimmer 
Focus control: Adjust on the lamp head



LED Surgical Examination / Operating  Light

Model:  EL 786-6 

This  improve healthcare application and environment.  LED examination lamp ring high performance with its unprecedented high-class brightness, efficacy, lifetime and quality.


Featuring with 6 LEDs, EL 786-6  provides a brighter, whiter light than ever before and is perfect for minor surgical procedures in the hospitals, ambulatory care center, outpatient facility or physician's office.


Illumination Intensity: 40,000lux (D30cm)
Light field diameter: D30cm= 18CM
Colour temperature: 6000-6500K
Colour rendering index(Ra): 75
Temperature rising: 0°
LED average life: above 40000 hours
Power input: 110-240V  50/60Hz.
Kind of extension: 76cm gooseneck
Control function: Brightness control by dimmer





Floor Luminescent Magnifier (Model: XJ-100)

(Skin Examination Light)

 Function: The light pip produces incandescent light, which is illuminated to the skin and magnified via convex lens so that the pore tissue on the skin is clear seen. Beautician may use the magnifier to make eyebrow and remove scar and nevus

 Rating voltage: 220V/50Hz

Rating Power: 22W

Type of electric shock proof protection





Focus & Adjust Examination Lamp
Model: EL-200

Product Description

Major Characteristic

High- technology provides illumination
Light spot clear and even
There are two light source: Halogen and LED
The scope of light spot from 1.8 to 10 cm

Widely used in examination and operation lighting in surgical dept, ENT dept, dept of stomatology, orthopedic dept, dept of ophthalmology, G&O dept, dept of dermatology and OPD, Facial features section, operation illumination, flow examination, gynecology examination etc.

Technical Specification

  • Color Temperature                    3000=500K
  • Main Voltage                            220V~10%  50Hz
  • Rated Voltage  of Bulb             AC 12V
  • Rated Power of Bulb                30 W 



LED medical headlight L HL-203

LED medical headlight consist of the cold light source LED lamp, lamp cap optical system, Circlet components, power components and LED control system components.The product is applicable to medical examination, such as: Dental, Nose, Ear, Throat, Eye, and small plastic surgery, etc…

* Using 3W high power white light LED as medical examination light, the service life of LED is up to 50,000 hours, which is several and ten times longer than the traditional source, without changing lamp bulb.
* LED brightness control system, which uses digital means to control the level of output brightness.
* Specially designed optical system structure, enable to realize a higher light utilization efficiency and a good facula effects, and the brightness of facula is adjustable and more uniform.
* LED light size: diameter 19mm, length 21mm
* LED light weight: 11g (including mount)


Specificition Of LED lamp power



25,000 LUX

Color Temperature


Spot Diameter adjustable

30-110mm @0.5m

Depth of Focus


Brightness adjustment


LED service life


Power Supply 

AC/DC adapter and Rechargeable Li battery

Battery lasting time






Thermal energy physical therapy heating far infrared lamp
Model Number: B-609
Throw off the visible light with strong osmosis and high effect radiation, it can
 Accelerate the blood circulation, improve the metabolism, diminish inflammation And sterilization, and accelerate wound healing. Use with beautify body and plump  Breast products, help to filter and absorb the effective things.


After the cells absorb infrared, it makes the temperature of tissue grow up, makes the molecule's movement quicken up, makes the regeneration of tissue and cell livingness strengthen, at the same time, strengthen the oxygen metabolism, expand cells, help to filter and absorb the effective things.


1. Accelerate energy physical therapy heating far infrared lampates the blood     circulation and
    tissue metabolism
2. Diminishes inflammation and stop pain, accelerate wound healing 
3. Strengthens venting sweat function, accelerate effective things infiltration


Certificate: PSE

Size: 53cm*23cm*87cm
Net Weight: 11kg
Gross Weight: 13kg
Voltage: 240v
Power: less than 150w




Foot Operated Surgical Soap Dispenser


Foot Operated Surgical Soap Dispenser.

Stainless Soap Dispenser
A-023 Foot Operated Surgical Soap Dispenser 'Vol. 900ml 'Pneumatically operated pumping mechanism 'Vinyl tubing attaches anti-slip foot pump 'Type 316 stainless steel rotating spout with polish finish











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