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Sonotrax-B Pocket Fetal Doppler

Model: E FDSB

sonotrax handheld Doppler can meet routine examination requirement of obstetricians, midwives, and pregnant women. It is a high performance model with FHR digital LCD display. It has three heart rate processing modes: real-time FHR display mode, averaged FHR display mode and manual mode. Both of the models have audio output, and can connect with earphone or recorder with audio input. Sonotrax has a slim, power saving and interchangeable ultrasound probe.
■ Easy to use
■ Accurate FHR detection and LCD display
■ Auto and manual counting
■ Built-in speaker
■ Automatic switch-off
■ Battery energy indication
FHR Detection: Speaker output/Earphone output LCD display, Five working
Modes: Real-time FHR Display mode, Averaged FHR Display mode, Manual mode, continuous operation time≥240min




  Model: E FDBSB

Baby Sound B Fetal Doppler is a safe and easy to use device that has been specially designed for  use
at home, allowing pregnant women to listen to their unborn baby's heart beat, movements and  hiccups
from as early as 10 to12 weeks. It  is suitable for expectant  mother to carry out regular   checks on  her
baby in between routine hospital checks. This portable  device is  also suitable
for obstetricians, midwives and pregnant women..
Baby Sound B integrate a single chip CPU, LCD display and  our  accurate arithmetic software, it
can display the baby heart rate and it is very convenient to get baby accurate  heart rate.
You may record the sound also.
* Heart Rate Display (LCD)
* Automatic Display Freezing After remove from the body
* Ultrasound Frequency 2MHz
* Power Supply: 1.5V Battery x 2 (Type: AAA)
* 1 year warranty

Tips that will make the use of this fetal Doppler easier:

- Take it with you when you first visit your doctor. The doctor or Ultrasound Tech can very easily show you how to find your baby heartbeats
- During the first stages of the pregnancy place the Doppler probe just above the pubic hair. As your pregnancy progresses, you will find the   heartbeat higher up.- Move the probe gently and very slowly.
- Lean the Doppler probe downward toward the pubic bone.
- Use some gel while using the Doppler probe. You don't need to buy any expensive Gel. You can use any general purpose Gel,





















    Baby Sound C Fetal Doppler
Baby Sound C is a new Fetal Doppler with more beautiful and compact design. It is specially designed for homecare, allowing pregnant woman to listen to their unborn baby's heart sound, movement and hic-cups from as Carly as 10 to 12 weeks. It is suitable for expectant mother to carry out regular examination on her baby in between routine hospital examination.
Main Features
The probe and main units integrated together
Beautiful and compact design, portable to use
Power indicator used for the power-on state
Particular two audio output socket design can let expectant mother and father hear the fetal sound at the same time
High sensitive Doppler probe
Low power consumption, two AAA size batteries can last more than 8 hours forcontinuous  use (depend on battery type and volume)
    Physical Characteristic
Dimension: (L) 122 mm (W) 72 mm (H) 56 mm Weight: About 96 g (including batteries)

















    Mobile Ultrasound Scanner
Model: E 600C-1

1. Fully digital beam forming technology.
2. High resolution monitor: High quality, high Resolution monitor gives clean sharp images
3. Comfortable operating station: Special designed keyboard greatly helps doctors for repetitive jobs.
4. Advanced probe technology: This benefits the penetration depth.
5. Beam forming technology:
6. Digital beam forming, multiply transmit outpoints, adaptive aperture size, dynamic filtering, TGC,
spatial and frequency mixing, and other advance image processing algorithms.
7. Two probes connector: Support two probes connecting at the same time. They can be switched by a
simple keyboard control.
8. Use latest chipsets: Using latest chipsets brings most stable systems.
9. Powerful application software: Multiple language support, easy interface, and various software Packages.
1. Scanning mode: B, B/B, B/M, M, varied zoom, the image is scrollable. Focus:
2. Electronic focus + Acoustic lens focus, single focus and multiple focus are provided Image processing:
3. Real time zooming, γ adjustment, window curve control, STC curve, frame correlation, 256 gray scale,
cine loop and image storage, dynamic range, edge enhancement, image reverse function
4. Cine loop: 128 frames
5. Measurement:
6. Distance, perimeter, area, volume, heart rate, depth, time, speed, LV (Left Ventricle), AO (Aorta),
MV (Mitral Valve), RV/LV, GS, BPD, CRL, FL, GL, TAD, LV, OFD, AC, HC, pregnant week and fetal weight. It has OB report and LMP functions.
7. Graphic user interface:
8. Other functions: Screen protects and probe protects, light keyboard, permanent storage and software
update function.

Standard Configuration:
Main unit with SVGA, a 2.5 C 5MHz convex probe, 128 frames cine loop.

1.2.5-5MHz convex heart probe
2.5-7.5MHz convex vaginal probe
3.6.5-8.5MHz linear facial probe


























Portable Ultrasound Scanner
Model: E 600B-2

Full digital beam forming technology
Probe automatic identification
8-Segment TGC adjustment
Digital encoder knobs
Gama correction, histogram
Automatic report generation(Normal/OB)
Scanning angle adjustment
16 Level scanning depth adjustment
USB 2.0 For real-time picture uploading to PC
Biopsy guide available
Back-lit keyboard



Scanning mode : Convex/Linear/Micro-convex
Display modes : B,B+B,B+M,M,4B
Scanning depth : 240mm Gray scales : 256
Cine-loop :819 frames (Max)
Image permanent storage : 32 frames
Image conversion : up/down, left/right, black/white
Local zoom : 2 times both in real-time and frozen
Measurement : distance, circumference, area, volume, EF rate, heart rate
OB measurements : BPD, GS, CRL, FL, AD, HC,AC, EDD, GA, FW
Probe connector : 2 Probes selectable :convex, linear, micro-convex, transvaginal and endorectal
Port : PAL-D video out, USB 2.0
Monitor:10 inch SVGA
Body marks : 40
Wide application : abdominal, OB/GYN, urology, cardiology, small parts examination, etc.

Standard configuration :
3.5MHz Convex
Optional configuration :

7.5MHz Linear
5.0MHz Micro-Convex
6.5MHz Transvaginal Convex
7.5MHz Endorectal Linear
Video Printer
Biopsy bracket































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