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Model: E 906


  • High Temperature Cautery Power Handle
  • Interchangleable Tip 4 pcs
  • Replaceable Batteries 2 pcs
  • Plastic casing
  • No sterilization necessary

For Minor Surgery only

Clinic Use





















Code SURTRON 120 (Italy made)
Cutting power 120W, Cauterizer 80W
Mains cable, specify if for 115 or 230 Volt operation
Handle with push-button switches
Conductive rubber plate
Pedal Switch
Kit of assorted (7 pieces) Electrodes -
Eletrcodes are also available in single model packages Instruction manual


In just an unique device an powerful Electro-Knife (Scalpel) 120W and Cauterizer 80W.

Digital readout of output power for both "cut" and "coag" operation. Continuous checking of electrode connection. Output delivery by handle or pedal switch (provided) action. The SURTRON 120 can be used in Monopolar and Bipolar technique. Working frequency 600 KHz. Impedance 400 W.




Radiofrequency electrosurgical unit for minor monopolar surgery

Reference code 10100.051
Maximum output power CUT 50 W → 400 Ω
Maximum output power CUT/COAG1 45 W → 400 Ω
Maximum output power CUT/COAG2 40 W → 400 Ω
Maximum output power COAG 40 W → 400 Ω
Working frequency 600 kHz
Patient circuit F
Selectable input voltage 115-230 Vac
Mains frequency 50-60 Hz
Electrical input power 200 VA
Weight Kgs 2,5
Size WxHxD mm 190x85x239

SURTRON® 50D through the functions selection makes pure cut, cut coagulation (CUT 1 - CUT 2) and pure coagulation possible. The one-board microcontroller and digital display guarantees consistent safety and reliability under any conditions.

SURTRON® 50D offers outstanding professional surgical results due to its ergonomic and superior safety features.

    Patient/Plate circuit monitoring 
    Output power monitoring
    Self check control







Electric Cautery Set

The Electric Cautery Set
Model E 910

For minor surgery , circumcision , clinic use.



Product Description

The Electric Cautery Set Model E 910  Electronic is regulated thermoelectrically by controlled silicon voltage regulation technique.
The principle of the electric cautery set is to utilize thermoelectric wire to produce heat for therapeutic cauterization of partial tissue of the organism.
With stable performance and safe reliability, the unit widely used in surgical treatments such as carbonization and coagulation in gynecological, dermatological, operation rooms, surgical clinics.

Heating Voltage: 0-3V( no load)
Heating current: 5.5A-13.5A
Spotlight voltage: 0-2.5V
Supply voltage: 220/110V, 50HZ
Power Consumption: 80W
This set consists of low voltage output power, pistol-shape bakelite electrode handle, spotlight bulb and electrode
This voltage for heating and illumination is adjustable. Cauterization and illumination can be operated respectively or simultaneously to satisfy different requirements
A trigger switch is installed in the pistol-shape handle which is elegant in appearance and easy for manipulation

Spare Bulbs: 1
Electrode I set: 6
Power line: 1









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