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Air Splint

Air Cushion Splint

This Air Splint made of PVC transparent cover easy to clean and resusable and X-RAY can penetrate w/o remove air splint. Prevent surface bleeding w/o stopping the circulation and secure painless transportation of the injured part. Set of 4 different pieces : Full Leg, Ankles Foot, Full Arm, Half Arm, Inflation Hand Pump in 5 compartment carrying bag.






















Body Splint:
Provides both immobilization and comfort with a build-in plywood spine board along the back. It is applied to rib injured.body straps with quick-clip, snap-lock buckles make it simple apply.
When used with cervical collar, provides Immobilization in sitting position until transferred to long spine board. Incluede two reusable, plastic-coated, head/chin straps, Neck pad and durable carrying case
Unfolded SizeL 82 x H 80 cm
Self Weight 2.5kg


Finger Splint

Aluminium Finger splint with soft lining coated with non-toxic set of 3pc's material. And curved adges to avoid harming yourself. w/surgical tape

Size :
13mm x 225mm :
19mm x 450mm :
24mm x 450mm


Malleable Splint

It made of strip soft aluminium and foam material. It contain many prooerties when folded into a " Structural Bend " longitudinally. The splint becomes quite rigid and easily support the leg, forearm and humerus and it allow X-Ray.

Size :
0.11m x 1m Size :
0.11m x 0.475m


Spider Strap

The Spider Strap is unmatched for easy of use and effective immobilization. You can quickly and securely strap your patient to a backboard or stretcher in seconds, time after time.
Spiders Straps are a body restraining system primarily for use with Spine boards.
The 6 straps thread through the board and secure around the patient using high strength Velcro.
A Complete system to immobilize a patient on a spine board. The whole set of straps are connected together to form one harness.
A very effective way to hold a patient onto a spine board.
Made from Polypropylene and supplied in Multi-Colors
Machine Washable


Telescopics Splint
Telescopics Splint It make of Quality Plastic ABS Material. It can extendable with set of 5 pc's Joint. It easy produce immobile for fracture arm & leg with roll bandages to prevent further injured

Content Size : 3 x 5cm x 18.5cm : 2 x 5cm x 26.0cm




Traction Splint (Leg Traction)

A traction splint is commonly used to treat complete long bone fractures of the leg, femur or tibia and fibula area by means of 

1) straps attaching over the pelvis or hip as an anchor, a metal rod(s) to mimic normal bone stability and limb length, and 

2) a mechanical device to apply traction (used to reduce pain, realign the limb, and minimize vascular and neurological complication) to the limb.

This relieves tissue pressure on a fractured leg by means of traction applied which prevents further injuries.
Made of aluminum body with durable nylon leg straps and traction mechanism.


Full size

Folded size

Packing size

Net weight

Traction Splint , Adult

136 x 22 x 18cm

90 x 22 x 18cm

98 x 23 x 20cm

2 kg

Traction Splint , Child

118 x 18 x 17cm

80 x 18 x 17cm

91 x 23 x 20cm

1.8 kg

























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