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CPR Mask
The newest pocket-size CPR mask is a mouth barrier with oxygen inlet valve. CRP mask also has a transparent dome and completely seals easily to the faces of infants, children and adults
No assembly required
Oxygen inlet valve
Includes gloves and alcohol wipes
Head Strap
Red plastic hard case
Reusable CPR mask, easy to clean
Replaceable one-way valve with biological filter that allows airflow to the patient and prevents air/fluid return to rescuer
Mouth barrier eliminates mouth-to-mouth contact and fits infants, children and adults
CPR mask remains pliable even in extreme temperatures

CPR Board (Cardiac Board)
A flat rigid plastic back board used for cardiopulmonary resuscitation and measuring approximately 18" x 24", with or without thumb holes or hand slots. The recess (head cup) maintains open airway / proper alignment.

It is used to provide a flat and hard surface beneath a person who requires chest compressions to pump blood through his or her circulatory system

.Material : HDPE
Product Size : 60 x 43 x 8cm N.W. : 1.5 Kg


CPR Face Shield

CPR Face Shield is designed to offer protection to both the w/Key Ring First Aider and patient when performing mouth to mouth Resuscitation. With one valve and filter minimize risk of contact with patient's body fluid. C/W Key Ring & Pouch is easy to carry without disturb during working